Seeking our people! Bring a welder and earn 500 €

How can you receive 500 €?


If you know a professional Welder currently looking for a job in Scandinavia, VLAVI is the best choice!


                1.       Tell the Welder about the job opportunity with us, VLAVI[1]

                2.       The Welder fills out an application on or calls us: +371 23 070 070. During the call, Welder informs us that the referral to us came directly from you

                3.       During the call, we arrange an interview with Welder, if the Welder fits our requirements

                4.       After a complete recruitment process, we decide to hire the Welder

                5.       You receive a 500 € reward[2]as soon as the Welder has worked a full 12 weeks on the project


We reserve the right to amend this offer at our discretion and to let you know about it on our website

Why work for VLAVI?


            ·        Job for a lifetime - career opportunities and financial stability

            ·        Always on-time salary – 3000 € to 6000 € after tax

            ·        Official employment - receive your salary via bank transfer

            ·        Flexible working hours - plan what matters in your life

            ·        Social guarantees - paid taxes

            ·        Provided and comfortable accommodation - each person has their own room

            ·        Organized and paid transport - we have a new fleet of vehicles

            ·        Quality workwear - work in any conditions

            ·        Insurance - be safe on the way to and from the project, as well as performing work duties

            ·        Training and certification - organized and paid special training

            ·        VLAVI training centre - improve your skills and be confident in your performance in a new project

            ·        Friendly and professional team - Your team=Your inspiration


VLAVI - Your dream job! 

[1] SIA VLAVI SWE or another VLAVI group company

[2] We will pay taxes as required by law

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