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30 May
Causes of stress and deformation of metal during welding
Welding is a crucial process in metal fabrication, and its outcomes are expected to be highly precise and durable. However, one of the most significant challenges encountered in welding is metal stress and deformation, which can compromise the quality and safety of the final product. 
11 May
MMA Welding Process 111
The MMA welding process is ideal for welding outdoors, in tight spaces, and particularly for situations where portability is essential. The process doesn't require additional shielding gas, making it easy to set up and efficient for on-site or field welding. While it's a versatile process that can be used on many metal types, including iron, steel, and non-ferrous metals, the quality and consistency of the weld can vary based on the operator's skill level. 
30 Apr
The Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding
TIG welding is a widely used welding process that provides high-quality, precise welds. Depending on the application and materials to be welded, TIG welding can be performed manually or automatically using a variety of electrodes and shielding gases.
12 Apr
MAG – Metal Active Gas (135/138) welding.
The MAG gas metal arc process (135) remains the leading welding method in the fabrication industry, providing numerous benefits to fabricators and welders alike. Its long history has been marked by ongoing research and development, resulting in greater efficiency, reliability, and quality in the welding process.
29 Mar
Identifying Welding Defects
Welding defects can have a major impact on the integrity of a weld, and it is vital to identify any potential issues as early as possible. We will discuss the common welding defects that can occur and how they can be identified. 
14 Mar
Importance of Reading Technical Drawings
As a welder, you understand that the speed and quality of assembly of any structure depends on your ability to read technical drawings. You also know how important it is to have European Certification 9606-1 in order to qualify as a welder. But what else do you need to know about why it's so important to be able to read technical drawings?

28 Feb
EN ISO 5817 Quality Levels in Welding
Engineers and welders must understand the various quality levels of welding, as outlined by EN 1090/EN ISO 5817. The four execution classes, EXC1 to EXC4, each have their own design parameters and requirements as listed in Table A3 of BS EN 1090-2.  
16 Feb
Welding and Assembly of Steel Structures
Welding and assembly are key processes when it comes to constructing steel structures.
2 Feb
EN ISO 3834 Standards for Welders and Engineers

The EN ISO 3834 standards are a set of quality requirements that cover welding activities. These standards, which include EN ISO 3834-2, EN ISO 3834-3, and EN ISO 3834-4, are applicable to all types of welding processes used in the industry.

23 Jan
European Certification 9606-1
If you are a welder, then you have heard of European certification 9606-1.
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